transtex® – The Original

Functional underwear with transtex® creates a perfect body climate in all seasons – with a two-layer structure even on cooler and cold days. For high activity, even when the temperature drops.

transtex® – The smart air conditioning system

Premium textile fibers

of the latest generation ensure long-lasting quality. Purchased from European quality suppliers and of course completely free of harmful substances and harmless to health.

Unique knitting technology

which has been constantly improved over 40 years, enables the capillary effect necessary for perfect sweat transport.

Excellent processing

in Austria and decades of experience guarantee a perfect fit, maximum freedom of movement and optimally positioned flat seams without the risk of chafing. From Austria.

Löffler transtex® advantages & functionality

  • Absorbent natural fibres form the outer layer.
  • Soft polypropylene forms the inner layer.
  • When the body heats up, sweat is produced.
  • The polypropylene wicks sweat away from the skin.
  • The natural fibres absorb and distribute the moisture.
  • The moisture evaporates on the surface.
  • The body remains dry and warm and therefore has an optimal body climate.