Repair Service

Even with the greatest care, your functional clothing can get a damaged. No matter if it is a damage from a fall or a tear – Löffler offers a professional repair service so that the joy of the Löffler product will last for a long time.

Repairing instead of throwing away – Löffler repair service

A fall with the new rain jacket or your great softshell pants can bring tears to the eyes – not only from pain. It is also the “wounds” on high-quality functional clothing which hurt. But did you know that we offer an expert repair service for our customers? We live sustainability as a part of our company philosophy, so it is only logical to repair high-quality clothes rather than throw them away.

How it works:

Contact our service department. The best way is to send a short e-mail with a description of the damage. Ideally you can add a photo. This will enable our expert customer service to suggest the ideal repairs and send you a cost estimate.

In the specific case that the Löffler Bike-Jacket made of Windstopper® Softshell has a hole, the following options are available:

  • The damaged material is replaced, usually with one or two additional seams. If the material is waterproof, these seams are welded waterproof again. Billing is based on the actual work involved and ranges from 15 to 30 euros.
  • In case of replacement of a complete cut part, the prerequisite is that the same material is still available at Löffler. A repair like this only makes sense if the overall condition of the jacket is very good.
  • Please do not send us models that are older than 5 years. The clothes should be in good shape. If you do want to have an older model repaired, we offer the repair with a patch. A patch is pressed on with pressure and heat. The costs are 6 Euros.
Loch-in-Hose Loch-in-Hose Loch-in-Hose Loch-in-Hose
Loch-in-Jacke- vorher-nachher-Abbildung-Reparaturservice Loch-in-Jacke- vorher-nachher-Abbildung-Reparaturservice Loch-in-Jacke- vorher-nachher-Abbildung-Reparaturservice Loch-in-Jacke- vorher-nachher-Abbildung-Reparaturservice
Riss-in-Hose-vorher-nachher-Abbildung-Reparaturservice Riss-in-Hose-vorher-nachher-Abbildung-Reparaturservice Riss-in-Hose-vorher-nachher-Abbildung-Reparaturservice Riss-in-Hose-vorher-nachher-Abbildung-Reparaturservice

We always try hard to deliver an optimal result and keep the costs as low as possible. In many cases the treasured jacket or pants will look as good as new again.

The repaired garment will be returned to you by mail with a separate invoice. We cover the costs for the return shipment. The duration of the repair is typically 1-3 working days. Depending on the production workload at the time, it can be faster or take longer.

Contact Löffler Repair Service

Mrs Petra Steinböck

Service, repair, complaint
Löffler GmbH
Südtiroler Straße 41
4910 Ried im Innkreis

Phone +43-7752-84421-196

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The well-tried layer principle

A strenuous ascent that will make you sweat, low temperatures and a whistling wind at the summit and finally an icy cold descent. In these conditions, the demands on the right functional outfit are demanding.