Seat Pad Overview

Our seat pad models in the overview.

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Comfort Extreme

High Performance Seat Pad for longer distances. Perfectly tuned to racing saddles.
Comfort Extrem seat pad for endurance road cycling

Comfort Extreme seat pad features.
  • Various foams with different densities.
  • Ultra High Density (120 kg/m³) in the sit bones area.
  • Long-lasting dimensionally stable.
  • Perforated for perfect thermal regulation, lightweight.
  • Seamless ergonomic bent shaping for a perfect fit and more stability.
  • Super soft, elastic high tech eco-fabric.
  • Bacteriostatic and skin-compatible.

Exclusively developed for LÖFFLER.


Density: 120 kg/m³

Thickness: 14 mm

Comfort Gel Air

Compact, lightweight, seat pad for cyclists with sporty ambitions.
Sitzpolster Comfort Gel Air

Comfort Gel Air seat pad features.
  • Vibrations absorbing gel pads in the sit bones area.
  • High density foam.
  • Dimensionally stable and good torsion.
  • Continuously perforated for perfect thermal regulation.
  • Anatomically pre-shaped for sitting comfort and perfect stability.
  • Breathable, soft microfiber fabric.

Density: 90 kg/m³

Thickness: 16 mm

Comfort Elastic

Sporty all-round seat pad for a pleasant sitting comfort.
Seat pad Comfort Elastic

Comfort Elastic seat pad features.
  • Long-lasting compact foam, very good cushioning features.
  • Different foam zones for ideal pressure distribution.
  • Elastic, flexible.
  • Pleasantly breathable, fast drying.
  • Ergonomically pre-shaped.
  • Cover fabric with a silk-soft touch.
  • Pleasant sitting comfort in an upright to compact sitting position.

Density: 80 kg/m³

Thickness: 12 mm

Comfort Basic

Base model for comfortable riding.
Seat pad Comfort Basic

Comfort Basic seat pad features
  • Compact foam with a good density.
  • Discreet with low volume.
  • Ergonomically pre-shaped.
  • Used for transtex®-bike undershorts.
  • Partially perforated for good thermal regulation.

Density: 60 kg/m³

Thickness: 6 mm