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hotbond® – perfect connection without needle & threat

hotBOND® is an exclusive Löffler brand. Using the unique, patented hotBOND® technology, highly elastic materials are spot-welded by ultrasound to form ultra-flat joints.


Löffler uses the proven hotBOND® technology to join highly elastic materials by means of ultrasonic welding. This means for trousers and jerseys: no seams that pinch or chafe. The joints without needle and thread are extremely tear-resistant, as elastic as the material itself and ultra-flat. Maximum freedom of movement without restrictions and pressure or chafe marks are the advantages of the exclusive hotBOND® technology. In addition to bike pants in various lengths and as waistband or bib pants, the hotBOND® technology is also used for bike jerseys. Furthermore, hotBOND® is available in the running and outdoor collection. The hotBOND® collection is manufactured and produced exclusively at the company’s site in Ried im Innkreis, Austria.