Loeffler-Produktion-aussen Loeffler-Produktion-aussen Loeffler-Produktion-aussen Loeffler-Produktion-aussen

Our Production

We still deliberately produce at our company site in Ried im Innkreis – from development to fabric production and cutting to ready-made clothing. Under fair standards, strict environmental regulations and lived sustainability.

Done with responsibility

Around 220 employees generate around 80 percent of the total value added at the Löffler site in Ried im Innkreis – from development to final production. The majority of the fabrics processed come from the in-house knitting production. What we cannot produce ourselves, we produce almost exclusively in Europe, and we also pay attention to this when purchasing parts.

The materials and working conditions are strictly regulated by the production site through the legal framework and standards, and on the other hand are also confirmed by independent organisations: All products carry the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label, which confirms that the materials are free of harmful substances and are in perfect health. Löffler also has OEKO-TEX® STeP certification for sustainable textile production.

Loeffler-Strickmaschine Loeffler-Strickmaschine Loeffler-Strickmaschine Loeffler-Strickmaschine
loeffler-strickerei-Mitarbeiter loeffler-strickerei-Mitarbeiter loeffler-strickerei-Mitarbeiter loeffler-strickerei-Mitarbeiter
Strickmaschine-Detailansicht-Faden Strickmaschine-Detailansicht-Faden Strickmaschine-Detailansicht-Faden Strickmaschine-Detailansicht-Faden

We stand for real sustainability. That’s why around 70% of Löffler fabrics come from the company’s own knitting mill. Here, 9 competent employees ensure that everything runs smoothly – from the yarn order to the finished fabric. We obtain our yarns exclusively from Europe. Every year, more than 300 different colour fabric variations are produced in the Löffler knitting production.

Our machine park includes:

  • 25 circular knitting machines (transtex®, Race light, Elastic…) and 3 seamless machines
  • up to 8,000 needles per machine
  • 52,000 knitting needles do their best work at full speed
  • A total of 113 football pitches of fabric are produced annually in our knitting mill. That is more than 150,000 kg of fabric or about 905,000 m² or about 2.5 football pitches (100×80 m) per week
  • For example: 15 km of yarn are knitted per minute or approx. 6.8 million stitches per minute!
Loeffler-Naeherin-Trikot Loeffler-Naeherin-Trikot Loeffler-Naeherin-Trikot Loeffler-Naeherin-Trikot

Sewing capacities
– total about 313,000 sewing hours
– the used sewing and knitting yarns have a length of 213,500 km
This corresponds to more than 16 rounds around the world at the equator!