Sustainability Report 2023

Attitude is not for cowards. Attitude costs. Attitude is a question of standpoint. And also of place. That’s why LÖFFLER produces in Austria, Europe. Because you can’t outsource social and ecological responsibility.

LÖFFLER is based on two main cornerstones:

(1) producing highly functional clothing for endurance athletes.

(2) to carry out this production in a responsible manner.

This philosophy has been deeply rooted in LÖFFLER since its founding and we are proud to be one of the few textile companies that continue to produce in Austria.

In order to back up this aspect of regional production with facts, figures and data, we have decided to compile a sustainability report. This helps us to work even more professionally on sustainability issues. To develop goals together and to identify potential for improvement.

We see the greatest benefit in the increased identification of employees with the company and an increased perception as a sustainable brand.