Thermal underwear men at a glance Sep 2022

May we introduce our thermal functional underwear for men? Many athletes can no longer imagine a before. The unique properties offer many advantages. But is the sports underwear also something for you? Find out, at our great functional underwear overview!

What types of sports underwear are available from Löffler?

For thermal functional underwear, every men has a special requirement. We would like to present you here our different sports underwear parts in more detail. If you are more interested in the technical functionality of our functional underwear, then we would like to refer you to this page: transtex – the intelligent air conditioner.

With thermal underwear for men you have a wide choice! You will find them in different designs and for different purposes. Are you looking for thermal underwear for men for skiing or for other winter sports like cross-country skiing or ski touring? We certainly have the right product for you. As an Austrian specialist for winter sports, we have decades of experience in our own production of thermal underwear men and functional underwear in general.

Thermal functional underwear for the top: LÖFFLER undershirts

With our undershirts, special attention is paid to versatility. Especially popular is the sleeveless version. It offers the fullest freedom of movement. A version with Windstopper material in the front provides additional protection from wind & weather. In addition to a sleeveless version, we also offer our underwear as a long-sleeved and short-sleeved model. In addition to fashionable colorways, many thermal underwear models are available from us in black and white. Especially the men’s thermal underwear in white enjoys additional popularity on the hot days. All tops for men have one thing in common: function and quality in every fiber.

Around the bottom: LÖFFLER thermal underpants keep you warm

We have three different variants to choose from in our underpants. You could also divide the thermal underpants into short, medium, long. You will find boxer shorts made of warmer fabrics, 3/4 thermal underpants, which are very good especially when skiing, in combination with stockings and the classic long underpants. Of course, the underpants come in different sizes, in addition, they are offered in large sizes. They quickly wick away the moisture that occurs during exercise. This will keep you nice and dry. The breathability of the thermal underpants should be emphasized once again.

Functional underwear for men in the summer? That makes sense!

As we also mentioned in the post “Why sports underwear also makes sense”, wearing functional underwear in the summer offers many advantages. Our underwear offers in the summer especially a cooling and drying effect. The models for summer are particularly thin and with their mesh structure, uniquely breathable. Especially baselayers in the color white are very popular.

Warming underwear in winter – the thermo functional underwear for men

In winter, the warming properties of thermal functional underwear are particularly important. Especially in winter sports, it is important not to simply cool down during rest periods. In addition, the low temperatures can make special demands on the underwear. We have the right underwear for all temperatures. You can find a precise recommendation of which underwear is suitable for which temperature in our transtex® temperature scale.

Our particularly warm thermal underwear for men is equipped with additional natural fibers such as merino wool or Tencel® to optimally support the moisture transporting properties of the transtex® material. Merino wool is a natural fiber with rapid moisture transport, low absorption of odors and insulating properties. Especially for skiing or activities at very low temperatures, the insulating properties of merino wool offer a very great complement to our transtex® material. This makes the thermal underwear for men particularly warming and you do not cool down so easily even during rest periods without movement.

Synthetic fiber or natural fiber? Which is more preferable?

Which material is better suited for functional underwear? Natural fiber or synthetic fiber? Many people ask themselves this question. Among others also we. For us, both materials have their raison d’être. As the name suggests, functional underwear focuses on function. Breathability, elasticity, moisture transport. Underwear made of synthetic fibers clearly has the edge here. Sweat is quickly transported away from the skin. Particularly during intensive sports activities, synthetic fibers clearly show their advantages.

On the other hand, thermal underwear made of merino wool, for example, has a clear advantage: no artificial materials are needed to produce it, and its functional properties are inherent. Sweat may not be transported away from the body quite as quickly, however, the feeling on the body can be quite convincing.

Which feeling is better on the skin? That is very individual and can only be determined exactly after a longer trial wear. Whether merino wool or polypropylene. The most important layer is the underwear. It lies directly on the skin, and here it is decided whether you feel comfortable in your clothes or not. Clothing in layers is important to have a lot of joy in sports, especially in the cold season.

Thermal underwear men in review

Our thermal underwear is continuously tested and evaluated in tests by independent institutions. Thereby the sports underwear can win the test victory again and again. Not only as ski thermal underwear our products are awarded. Just as in tests for hiking, cycling and running. Our functional underwear is not only versatile, but a real test winner!

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