Rain jackets: What do I need to know? Apr 2023

There are probably only a few products that have to be one thing above all: functional. In the case of a rain jacket, this is completely true. People often look for a jacket that is 100 % waterproof. But if the rain jacket is mainly used for sports, it has to fulfil another core function: It must be breathable so that you don't sweat from the inside out and moisture can be transported away from the body.

And it is precisely here that the wheat is separated from the chaff when it comes to the functionality of rain jackets. With this article we would like to give you an overview of the features and functionalities of rain jackets and show you how to find the right protective cover for your sports activities.

What does waterproof mean?

Usually, we use our own materials for our jackets, which are produced in our own knitting department. If the materials need to have special properties, such as absolute waterproofness, windproofness or particularly warming insulation, we also work with materials from companies that specialize in the production of such fabrics. A well-known example is the GORE-TEX™ brand, which is known for its special fabrics. However, we also use our own material constructions in our jackets. Such as WPM (Water Proof Material), for example. For our rain jackets for men and women we use the following materials:

These are the materials we use for our jackets

    The material was designed to be particularly breathable. This makes it particularly suitable for the production of clothing for endurance sports. We use this material to produce jackets for bike, outdoor and ski touring sports. The material has a water column of 28,000 mm and is 100% windproof and waterproof. According to EU guidelines, a material with a water column of 800 mm is considered waterproof. This is the material we use to make our hardshell jackets.
    This material also has excellent properties for the production of sportswear. It is absolutely windproof, fast drying and particularly breathable. The removal of sweat to the outside prevents the body from overheating. Products made of this material are usually water-repellent.
    Water Proof Material – This in-house development from LÖFFLER is a particularly lightweight, waterproof and windproof material with a water column of 20,000 mm. It is also highly breathable and can be folded to a minimal pack size. This makes it particularly suitable for making hiking rain jackets or cycling jackets that people like to take with them to be well equipped for a surprise rain shower.

More about the materials developed and used by Löffler can be read under materials from A to Z.

Waterproof vs. water-repellent: The difference

If products are described as water-repellent, the material is provided with an impregnation that prevents the penetration of water from the outside. Seams and zippers are usually not sealed. Thus, theoretically, water can penetrate. In practice, however, this is hardly the case. If a product is called waterproof, the seams and zippers must also be 100% waterproof (mostly welded). Are you looking for a waterproof rain jacket? Then we recommend products labeled waterproof. For example, all our hardshell jackets made of GORE-TEX ACTIVE™ and WPM POCKET materials are waterproof.

Hardshell jacket, what is it?

The term hardshell jacket is often used for jackets, but what does it actually mean? It is meant to be a jacket that is made of a particularly weatherproof material. As a rule, “hardshell” refers to a jacket that is waterproof and windproof. Hardshell jackets are jackets that serve as an outer layer, which means that they get the most rain and therefore have to be particularly robust. Hardshell jackets often have functional features such as special pockets or a special pack size. They are also made with or without a hood and usually have welded zippers that are waterproof. Choosing a jacket with or without a hood is often a matter of personal preference, but also of purpose. Jackets with hoods have the distinct advantage that you are additionally protected from rain when you are not wearing any other headgear.

Women's rain jacket gray Women's rain jacket gray Women's rain jacket gray Women's rain jacket gray
W BIKE JACKET WPM POCKET – Women’s Bike Rain Jacket

What water column is sufficient?

As already mentioned, material with a water column of 800 mm or more is considered waterproof according to the EU directive. In our opinion, this waterproofness offers not 100% protection against wind and weather. To guarantee permanent waterproofness, we use materials with a water column of 20,000 mm or more for the production of cycling rain jackets, hiking rain jackets & running rain jackets.

How expensive is a good rain jacket?

Our rain jackets start at 169.99 euros. We believe that investing in a good rain jacket is absolutely worth it: such a garment is a long-term investment. We pay special attention to the quality of our products – so that you can enjoy them for many years. And if something should ever break, our repair service will help you. In this way, we have already been able to bring many rain jackets back to life. When it rains heavily, you will be glad to have a good jacket. And as we all know, a good jacket doesn’t leave you out in the rain.

If you want to be outside in bad weather, wind and rain, you should invest in a good jacket. Good materials are light, robust, durable and functional. They are the guarantee that you will stay dry.

We hope that we have been able to help you with this information and look forward to you staying active even in the rain.

Mountainbiker sitting on his bike with dark blue rain jacket Mountainbiker sitting on his bike with dark blue rain jacket Mountainbiker sitting on his bike with dark blue rain jacket Mountainbiker sitting on his bike with dark blue rain jacket
Men Bike Rain Jacket M JACKET WPM POCKET

Men’s rain jacket

At Löffler, you will find men’s rain jackets for endurance sports such as running, cycling and hiking. Here you will find our men’s rain jackets.

Women’s rain jacket

Are you looking for a women’s rain jacket? You’ll find jackets for a wide range of sports and especially adapted to women’s anatomy. Discover the models in the women’s section on our website.

You would like to buy a rain jacket? You can find our rain jackets online, at our retail partners, in our official online shop and in our factory outlet in Ried im Innkreis. Rain jackets online shopping at LÖFFLER in the official online shop.

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