Running clothes for fall Sep 2022

Fall is too cold and uncomfortable for running? No way! In our new running collection you will find your perfect running clothes for the fall.

What must running clothes be able to do in the fall?

Fall is a great time to be active outdoors. It’s the perfect season for jogging! Running through the fall leaves, the cool air, and the changing colors of the trees will make you feel more alive than ever. The change of seasons also means that we need to adjust our outfits accordingly.

In this article we present our new running collection, which includes all the clothes you need for your fall runs: from pants and jackets to tights, long sleeve shirts and accessories – it’s all here

The temperatures are dropping, the sunny days are becoming fewer and the weather is slowly becoming more uncomfortable. In order to enjoy running in the fall, you need running clothes that reliably keep you warm and dry in changing weather conditions. Because otherwise your body cools down easily. Here we recommend thinking in terms of the onion principle. Put on several layers and you will have a lot of fun and enjoyment even in freezing cold running rounds.

  • Protection from wind
  • Protection from wetness
  • Protection from cold
  • Adaptation to changing weather conditions

Reliable companion in fall

Run away from the bad weather. With functional running clothing made from innovative materials, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. The HOODED HYBRIDJACKET WPM is a lightweight, protective and sporty jacket with taped seams and plackets that packs away in seconds in the integrated stow bag thanks to its small pack size.  The elastic insert in the hood prevents slipping during sports activities and keeps permanently dry.

Do not forget hood & gloves

Even if the temperatures are still friendlier, the next cold snap is sure to come. And then it will quickly become uncomfortable. Your hands, head and feet are the first to cool down.

Protect your hands with functional gloves, made of materials that do not absorb moisture but quickly transport it to the outside, such as softshell or merino wool.

A lot of heat is lost through the head. Protect it with a hood. There are different variants made of fleece or Windstopper® material.

For your feet, you can rely on warm socks. Here we recommend socks made of merino wool. It keeps you nice and warm and quickly transports moisture to the outer layer.

Your body will thank you for it.

A good fit is what counts

We advise you to pay attention to a tighter fit of your running clothes in cooler temperatures. This allows the materials to perfectly play out the functional properties, such as a rapid moisture transport or a warming insulation.

If the clothing fits too loosely, then cold air can penetrate more easily and sweat is transported less efficiently to the outside. The dreaded chill-out effect occurs.

Even if it gets colder, fall is one of the most colorful seasons and offers, despite the fresher temperatures, the opportunity for many, great runs.

Apply the onion principle and your body will thank you. Running is simply much more fun outside!

And now we wish you a lot of fun with all your runs in fall!

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