The cut you hoped for: How to find the perfect cycling jersey for you Apr 2021

With the right cycling jersey, you can enjoy your ride even more. Whether you're on a road bike, gravel bike, mountain bike or e-bike - you need a cycling jersey with the perfect cut to suit your needs. So before you buy, ask yourself the following questions to find the perfect bike jersey.

How should the perfect bike jersey fit?

The cut is optimised for the riding position. Most cycling jerseys are longer at the back than at the front so that your back remains covered. This so-called tilt is, among other things, decisive for the optimal fit of the jersey.
It may even feel like it is a little too short in the front. This is deliberate so that in the cycling position no excess fabric in the front area is distracting when you are bent over the handlebars. If you are not sure, take the riding position when trying it on to see if it fits well.
When choosing a jersey, consider the type of ride you will be wearing it for. Our cycling jerseys are available in regular as well as plus sizes. In the LÖFFLER collection you will find a comprehensive selection of bike jerseys in different cuts:


Slim-fit bike jerseys are cut short and fit close to the skin. This means the more streamlined, the better. If you ride a lot of climbs in hot weather, there are special jerseys made of a lighter and very breathable fabric – for example the Bike Jersey FZ Aero. In addition, built-in structures (Airstream) in the sleeve and shoulder area ensure that the air flow is interrupted. This minimises air resistance in an aggressive racing position. LÖFFLER has created jerseys that fit like a second skin on the body and were developed with the help of the pros from Team Felbermayr Simplon Wels.


A bike jersey in the new Mid Fit has an adapted, slightly more casual cut. Although the fabric is tight at the shoulders and chest, the body-flattering fit with a slightly wider waist (+8 cm) and longer front (+2 cm) allows more freedom of movement for sporty bike tours. The bike jersey therefore sits comfortably loose on the hips. Attractive designs can be found above all in the Bike Jersey FZ Stream Mid and Bike Jersey FZ Messenger Mid.


The comfort cut sits loosely and ensures a more relaxed riding position. Perfect for mountain bike trails or relaxed touring. For downhill-oriented mountain biking and for those who like to wear a more casual style, wider cut jerseys in the Comfort fit are the perfect accompaniment for a successful day on the bike. For example, the Peaks bike shirt or Flow bike shirt combines function and style in one jersey.

What additional functions & features are useful?

Innovative technologies

Annoying seams and uncomfortable abrasion points are a thing of the past. With the hotBOND® and hotBOND® reflective technology developed exclusively by LÖFFLER, bike jerseys and tights are produced with reflective dots on the ultra-flat, elastic welded joints. Thanks to a special processing technique, these connection points reflect when illuminated. For shorts and jerseys, this means no seams that pinch or chafe and cannot be overlooked. The joints without needle and thread are extremely tear-resistant, as elastic as the material itself and ultra-flat. The reflection points only show their full effect under the light beam, otherwise they are very discreet. hotBOND® reflective products are produced exclusively at Löffler’s headquarters in Ried im Innkreis (Upper Austria).

Flat seams

To minimise friction, all Löffler products have flat seams. These are hardly noticeable and ensure pleasant wearing comfort.

Silicone waistband

When you’re out on the bike, clothing that slides up can be an unwelcome distraction. The majority of Löffler cycling jerseys have a non-slip silicone coating on the waistband, which ensures a reliable fit during the ride.


When riding in low light, wear a jersey in signal colour and reflective elements.


A full-length zip allows you to cool down on long hot rides. Also make sure your jersey has a zip garage to protect your neck and chin.


Bike jerseys usually have three back pockets for spare parts and snacks. An additional zipped pocket keeps money and valuables safe.


All fabrics for LÖFFLER bike jerseys are knitted in the company’s own knitting factory in Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria. A clear signal that outstanding quality and function can be combined with a sense of responsibility and fairness.

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