Why sports underwear also makes sense in summer

Functional underwear in the hot summer? That still sounds very unusual for many athletes. Today we will explain why sports underwear is especially comfortable in summer and what advantages it offers.

At high temperatures or during high exertion a sophisticated system ensures that our body does not overheat. It produces sweat (up to 1.5 litres per hour). Sweat withdraws heat from the body as it evaporates, thus having a cooling effect and thus regulating the body temperature. However, the right clothing is crucial for this:

  • Sweat can only have a cooling effect when it actually evaporates. If the evaporation is hindered by the wrong clothing, the cooling effect is no longer sufficient. The
    Performance is reduced as a result. The evaporation of sweat must be supported by the laundry. The fibres in the fabric distribute the moisture over a large area to accelerate evaporation.
  • Excess, used sweat must be wicked away from the skin and released to the outside. Functional fabrics have to conduct sweat away from the body so that the body continues to produce sweat and thus cools further.

Advantages of Löffler transtex® underwear

transtex® consists of polypropylene. Polypropylene is the lightest synthetic fibre, it even floats on water and absorbs almost 0% moisture.

  • transtex® transports sweat better and faster than any other material
  • the skin remains pleasantly dry, which gives a good feeling and
  • Prevents chills and muscle tension
  • no odour formation
  • transtex® does not require any chemical equipment or controversial silver ions. This is particularly important for underwear that comes directly onto the skin.

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